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Welcome the universe of Danish Pyramid Art by JETHONI and Gallery JETHONI.

It?s MAXIMALISME,, COULOURS AND ART OF GREAT BUILDINGS! Positive colours and art that makes You happy. I also do the "JETHON-Project: Please Protect our Planet".

I have Pyramids in my soul. I have travelled a lot in Egypt, Mexico and Peru and written the novel "In the shadow of the Pyramids" in danish. All is my inspiration besides the nature and environment.

I have made exibitions among several DR/Danish Broadcast, Gallery in Rome and enjuried shows in Los Angeles and German.

Visit my gallery - at a popcorn factury - just one hour from Copenhagen - by apointment 24h / 7d. Adress: Soroevej 11(at Popz), 4200 Slagelse, Denmark.

I also tell and show pictures from my journeys and art if You like - by apointment - if You are 25 people.

Contact: +45 22612129 / Jethoni@jethoni.dk.

Ps. Sorry some of the pages are not perfect because of some danish letters!

The english bottom at the top and Galleri/Galley are OK.

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