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Danish Pyramid Art by JETHONI. See the art in the homepage: Click:  "Gallery". CV/Resumé (for Art exhibition). Please contact me for further info. jethoni@jethoni.dk  Tel: +45 22 61 21 29.

Jethoni was born in 1962, in the danish city of Slagelse, Denmark - just one hour from Copenhagen

Jethoni's own thoughts and words on his art: Pyramidartist - That´s my Passion and Life !! :)
Painting makes me happy, challenges me, and gives me pain and satisfaction. I find my inspiration through litterature, nature, my daily thoughts, colours, philosophy, opinions, poetry and my dreams.
My inner universe is expressed on the canvas. I paint with acrylic- and oil-paint. I use brushes, spatulers, cloth and fingers in a creative process, which takes 20-100 workturns. When I paint, my thoughts are beautiful, which brings creativity and poesy to me. My abstractions are therefore often expressive, but also non-figurative, cubistic and figurative. I like using colours, that go right into the soul. Feel free to wonder!
Trips top countries in mediterranean; Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, at last but not least Egypt, Peru & Mexico, are other sources of inspiration. I often use the souls and good energy of the pyramids in my art.

Book: "In the Shadows of the Pyramids" by Jesper Thomas

This novel is a goldmine of precise, and trustworthy information of the Egypt well known from archaeology. It is an intense story, containing happiness, sorrow, love, drama and lots of thrills.

State Director of Library, Vibeke Hvidtfeldt

Ancient adventure-novel, that takes place in the time of Ramses the Great 1200 year BC.
”In The Shadow Of The Pyramids” is the hard-earned reward of ten years work in the ancient Egypts history and culture. Jesper Thomas narrates ancient history in a modern and catchy language.

Torben Holm-Rasmussen, professor and egyptologist.

The authors fantastic and imaginative mind gently introduce the readers in the ancient Egypt. It is a book wellworth reading, no matter if you are 12 or 102. The Boy Tut-it rises, and achieves his goal. He

“Tut-das” or he “Did-it”. The name also came from the worldfamous Tut-Ank-Amon. Through Tut-it, Jesper Thomas let us in to the daily life in ancient Egypt. His description of the nature, and beutiful surroundings takes you to another place, far away, in a matter of minutes. You´re there! 

John Hansen, Søndagsavisen/The Sunday Newspaper.
”In The Shadow Of The Pyramids” is dedicated to the famous, norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. Now the world is waiting for the dane Jesper Thomas/JETHONI :-) "The Art is unique & “In The Shadows Of The Pyramids” is a unique novelty, all the moods of ancient Egypt in one book. We consider it worth translating into your language and publish in your country.¨Do not hesitate, please contact today for further info! Thank You.


Jesper Thomas, Violvej 10, DK-4220 Koersoer, Denmark, Telephone: +45 22612129, mail: jethoni@jethoni.dk

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